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Angeli Teams Up With Blue Pie To Take Music To The World
19 Nov 2009

Angeli and Blue Pie team up to take Angeli’s music to the world. We are very pleased to announce that Blue Pie has entered into a world wide distribution and publishing administration and touring agreement with our very own Angeli. Angeli hails from Minneapolis, MN,  and spent her formative years singing whenever her hectic academic schedule would allow. Angeli spent her school years at the MacPhail Center for Music where she was put through an intense music and vocal training program and her summers chasing her dreams in New York City. Angeli is preparing to release her upcoming sophomore release. This new album feature collaborations with world renowned producers including M.O.S productions from the U.K., the A.O.R out of Atlanta and Japanese producer “Dice of the Future Trillionares” out of New York City. Angeli is now working with the label and their global market teams to take her music to wide and much bigger audience throughout ASIA with concerts being announced for INDIA and Australia in 2010.  As Damien Reilly CEO of Blue Pie says: “Angeli is a rare and one of the most beautiful artists that we have had join our family in the past decade. She has a voice that half the female singers in the world would die to have. She performs and simply loves what she does. With a non stop abundance of energy she will be working with our teams in Australia, INDIA and the USA at various festivals and stadium shows that we have planned for 2010”. Angeli has the “it” factor. For more information on Angeli you can visit her website at or her My Space page at . For all the latest live shows and concert dates please visit Blue Pie for more information. Angeli is part of the Blue Pie family of artists. You can find Angeli at all leading digital retailers on the planet. Search “Angeli”

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