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Angie Porter's 'Shine' is a classic dance hit!
06 Jun 2014

The disco pop starlet, Angie Porter has recently been signed with Artists In Need (AIN) Distribution USA and her latest tracks are phenomenal, to say the least! These new tracks are set to be party anthems, ready to be spun on dance floors all over the world.

The latest single, “Watcha Waitin’ For,” mixes funky rhythms with electro-pop. This fusion of pop and groove is seductive and matched by a sweetly angelic voice that is punchy and ready to get the party started. The sensuous vocals are tantalising for the ears, creating a juicy mixture of a  ugary melody and a grinding bass line. This disco delight is a boppy little number that is sure to get your booty shakin’!


The remix of her classic hit, Shine, by DJ Luca Cimino taker her retro disco vibe into the creative realm of EDM and house music. It still showcases her sweetly smooth vocals, but adds a whole new dimension to the musical background of the track. By introducing more rhythmic beats and vibes; the groovy sound is electrifying and atmospheric. Her powerful vocals are passionate and desirable, creating a funky disco vibe that is an easy party starter. This exhilarating mix is definitely one to keep your ears peeled for, as it is bound to be a club banger!

Her video for Shine has also been selected, via Music Xray, to be played in all shopping malls, ports venues, restaurants and retail outlets for 4-6 weeks in North America where up to 18 million people will see it! The artistic video is mesmerising, keeping the audience captivated with every shot, and creates a completely new world that is shiny and glamorous.

Angie Porter has grown up with the music scene, and it shows! Her astounding musical talent is created through her early start, singing from the age of eight. She sang her first record when she was just 9 years old with Lynsey De Paul and Barry Blue. She has also worked on some famous pieces such as doing the backing vocals for the classic, Video Killed The Radio Star and acting in numerous radio plays, singing jingles, doing some voice-overs and acting as an extra in many film and television productions.

Angie began writing her own songs over a period of ten years and decided it was finally time to record them, and we are so grateful she did! Since then Angie has recorded her debut solo album, which is jam packed with different styles of music and she has pushed her own talent into new realms of the music world. She explores creative new outlets that make her music fulfilling and captivating.

Through Angie’s recent signing with AIN Distribution USA, she has created some new music, recently releasing a new single, with the rest of the album to follow up shortly!

AIN is Artists In Need Music & Distribution Services and uses Blue Pie’s excellent digital infrastructure to distribute and promote their catalogue of 500+ artists. They have an increasing catalogue of musicians and entertainers across a spectrum of genres and styles. They aim to bring new life to the entertainment market across the world bringing dynamic production and promotion of new artists. .

For more, check out Angie’s Facebook page:

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