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Another small victory for PILLOWFIGHTER
23 Mar 2011

Pillowfighter have been selected to take part in an amazing new music showcase by a Seattle-based group called

‘The Levee Breaking’ set up listening stations for independent artists in small independent coffee houses to get their music heard. You can find these coffee houses in Northwest and Northeast USA, giving exposure to artists who don’t have the money, mojo or manpower to get placed in corporate coffee factories like Starbucks. But hey, it’s not like Starbucks make good coffee anyway!

Being a huge opponent to corporate co-opting and cultural homogenization, Joe Seely and Margaret White are excited to participate in the project with the friendly grassroots folk from their hometown. This is a great opportunity for Pillowfighter and a perfect fit, as their music  lends itself well to the contemplative, chilled-out mood of most coffeehouses in the trendy cultural corners of the USA.

‘The Levee Breaking’ also have a showcase concert to celebrate the selected artists. Stay tuned for more information.

This is just one of many small victories for Pillowfighter in recent times!  For more information check out our previous news stories on Pillowfighter:

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