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Apple Music Gets Widget Happy!
08 Oct 2015

Apple Music has launched a very cool Playlist Widget.  All you need is the playlist URL.  Paste it into the site and get an embeddable, customizable widget which you can feature on any website, desktop or mobile.  Apple Music subscribers will be able to play it in full, while non-subscribers will hear 30-second previews of each track.

In addition, you can embed any audio or video content that artists have shared via Apple Music Connect.  Simply go to the Connect Page, search for the song or video you have in mind, and grab the code that appears below to paste into your website’s HTML.

That’s not all: Apple Music just launched with a select repertoire in China at the standard local price of 10 RMB per month, which will kick in after users have used their 3-month free trial.  iTunes Movies and iBooks also launched at the same time.

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