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Are you a member of the Midnight Crew? Time to meet them!
01 Jul 2019

Rise with the moon, go to bed with the sun
Early to bed, and you’ll miss all the fun
Bring your wife and trouble, it will never trouble you
Make her a member of the Midnight Crew

That’s Eddie Morton’s 1909 hit, “I’m a member of the Midnight Crew”, a song which has been featured in numerous pop culture phenomenons since its release 110 years ago! Insane to think of how much time that is. But today we’re not talking about that song in particular, but rather the group under the Destiny Records label by the same name!

It’s sad how underrated this group is- you can hear their genuine passion for their craft in their music. That isn’t to say that they’re at all unpopular- Igwe in particular has a couple of hundred thousand plays under its belt! But the group could always use more exposure for talents of this caliber, so that’s what we’re here for today!

Special thanks goes to Jude of for managing this talent! Without Jude’s influence, The Midnight Crew wouldn’t have come to our attention, and that would be a bleak timeline indeed.

The Midnight Crew are one of Africa’s foremost gospel groups. They perform live all the time, singing their hearts out to seas of fans in honour of their religious ideals. They bring a certain excitement to religious music that has captivated people the world over! Tens of thousands of people follow their social media, and their hits on Spotify have enjoyed hundreds of thousands of plays! They’re the group to go to if you love praising God with a musical spring in your step.

That’s the stuff. It gets your fingers snapping and your body swaying to the groove! That track there is hosted on our Soundcloud- we’ve been interested in bringing the merits of this group to a wider public scope for years, as you can see!

Destiny Records has many wonderful artists in its catalogue, and the Midnight Crew stand out in particular when it comes to religious music. We hope you agree- no matter what your tastes in music are, you can tell their passion is ablaze each time they belt out a song for the world to hear!


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