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Ariel Masi joins Blue Pie and Ordior!
27 Aug 2021

Ariel is the social media manager for the Latin American departments of both Blue Pie and Ordior. He has a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of journalism, and used to be an art teacher with experience in both UBA and UNA. His experience with communication and visual design makes him an excellent fit for our LATAM social media manager, as does his skill with multiple languages: he speaks Spanish natively, and also speaks English, French, German and Italian. With this set of skills, he can communicate with multiple audiences across the world (in style!) which is a true asset in the field of social media.

He takes into these roles his experience that he accumulated from his previous adventures – such as exposition, comparative study, and a showcase of process. Skills with tools like these are sure to help with pursuing the nicest-looking memes for social media work! Another component of social media is knowing the trends and patterns that drive high traffic online – Ariel even has this covered too. His experience encompasses both art and logistics, a deadly combination that has often been known to change society in all sorts of ways – maybe it can help get our music out there to the LATAM crowd too, huh? 😉

Ariel is a very welcome addition to our teams. When you see our Latin American social media posts on the Blue Pie and Ordior series of pages and networks, you can be sure it’s him and his team working hard, and we’re very much excited to see where he takes us all in the future, especially in the Latin American music and media forensics markets!

If you wanted more info on Ariel, check out his Blue Pie bio by clicking here!

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