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Aron Lyrd gets the Blue Pie love and joins the team
26 Nov 2010


Aron Lyrd gets the Blue Pie love and joins the team on a world wide distribution and publishing agreement.

Aron has had his fair share of life’s curve balls but now with a zest for life that would make a dead man get up and dance from the top of the Empire State Building, Blue Pie extends a very warm and extended welcome to Aron and his family to the Blue Pie label.

Aron had some hard core curve balls thrown at him but with his zest for life and martial arts training he has risen above all his adversities to produce what is a truly unique and compelling body of work. Aron has two new albums out now on Blue Pie for the world. You can download these at iTunes today. Search ” aron lyrd “.

Aron has over 19,000,000 million my space views and over 27,000,000 plays on his My Space page. He digs eating Blue Pie’s and decide the ” Blue Trip ” was the ride for him. We welcome him to the Blue World and dig his music.

Check out his site and story at

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