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Asmodelle New Album!
25 Aug 2011

Blue Pie artist Asmodelle is an Australian female electronic music composer. Her new album ‘Asmelectrix’ is out now digitally. 

This is Asmodelle’s fourth album, but her first that uses extensive sampling. This album is the sequel to Asmodelle’s popular third album ‘Transelectrix’ and some of the tracks off that album are rearranged into a new format in ‘Asmelectrix’. The result is an album of up-beat electronic music tracks with an electro-dub feel, ranging from chill-out to trance. This album has a very different to Asmodelle’s earlier work, and features some of the latest sounds with dance and chill-out beats, mixed with a funky edge. The album was conceived in Japan, and taken to the studio in Australia a few weeks later. The album is highly listenable  and very unique.

 3000 Records did a stunning review of Asmodelle’s work and said some great things: “Possibly the most unique thing about Asmodelle is her ability to create electronic music without it sounding too mechanical. Her samples fit into the music seamlessly and create an ambiance that doesn’t feel like its being guided by a computer. Although she was taught classical music, it’s difficult to tell except for her ability to improvise and use layered elements to enhance her modern sounds. Her approach to recording also reflects her love for the organic side of electronic music. Asmodelle tends to use real synthesizers as opposed to software versions. She describes her recording preferences as ‘old school’ in that the real synthesizers and human production is crucial to her form of music.”  – Terrance D. Schemansky

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