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Attila Hegedus gets his new album out “ Chasing Shadows “ to the world on iTunes and Amazon for Xmas !
06 Dec 2013

In 1991 Attila released his first album entitled ‘Beyond’(10 tracks) as singer/songwriter and front-man with Melbourne underground band Shadow of Doubt. In 1993 he formed alternative rock band Augury once again as singer/songwriter and front-man. The band released two albums, ‘Moment of Grace’ 1994 and ‘Bending, Twisting, Turning’ in 1996 both distributed by Mushroom Records in Melbourne. Both albums received rave reviews by street press and punters alike.

In 2003 Attila manifested Chimera with the view of writing and recording his first solo album and getting it distributed worldwide. At the start of 2007 he signed a distribution deal with U.K record label Lakeland Records. March 2008 saw the release of ‘The Window’ under his alter ego of Chimera.

.In July 2010 Attila signed an International digital distribution deal with Blue Pie Records which saw the release of his acoustic album ‘The End Is The Beginning’.

‘Chasing Shadows’ is Attila’s new acoustic gem. This one is by far some of his best work to date. Don’t just take our word for it, have a listen on iTunes and download this one today and you will be pleasantly surprised. A great album for the upcoming time of reflection that Xmas is. If you want to download this album them click on the purchase link below.

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Attila Hegedus gets his new album out “ Chasing Shadows “ out now on iTunes for the world.

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