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August Release for Rosa!
05 Aug 2014

Jot down August 30 in your diary, as this is when the haunting melodies of Distracted will be available for download by the intriguing Rosa Diaz. 

Spellbound by the poetic vocals of this folk princess from Philadelphia, Distracted takes the listener on a journey that only too well distracts you from the daily grind and lulls you into a trance-like state.  This amalgamation of electronic music and acoustic instrumentals is a fusion that works beautifully for Diaz.  She is known for her hypnotic, bilingual lyrics and the tuneful echoes of her music match this perfectly.


Her debut CD ‘Whim’, was acknowledged at the Latin Alternative Music Conference as one of  Atl.Latino’s best picks of 2013.  Have a listen to what she has followed up with at

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