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Australia is legal downloads!
17 Mar 2014

Are Australians starting to feel guilty with their addiction of illegal downloads? Quite possibly!

According to the figures recently released by the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association, there is a slight increase in the amount of legal downloads compared to illegal downloads, with the market for digital film and television sales increase to a notable 22.4% to $143.67 million in the last financial year.

This is good progress for Australia considering we’re in the top three in the world for having the highest illegal download rates. This change could be due to the services that paid TV subscriptions like Foxtel are offering to meet their customers’ demands. This includes ‘fast tracking’ TV episodes to viewers so that they are just as up-to-date as the viewers in the US. It also includes ‘on-demand’ services which allows viewers to watch recent movies directly on their screen through a push of a button on the remote. It’s good to see that people are actually implementing better strategies nowadays compared to the scare tactics they used in the piracy ads back in the day.

Regardless of the cause behind this newfound change, it’s safe to say Australia is taking one small step away from Piracy. Who knows, in a few years time, the piracy ship in Australia may become the next titanic.

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