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AZitIZ gets the video love from YOU and YOU TUBE and the world hears an amazing voice !
09 Apr 2013

AZitIZ is gathering global fans from all the four corners of the earth. With over 150,000 plays now on her hot song ” What is love ” on the Blue Pie and AZItIZ YouTube sites, you can understand why. Her name, derived from the subtitle of the ancient Sanskrit classic, “Bhagavad Gita As It Is” meaning, “the unadulterated truth.”

This master lyricist, a native of New Orleans is the type of artist whereas musical notes float out as a stream of pedagogy. AZitiZ immaculate grind and true passion for music has helped to position her as the new breed of conscious artists, globally.


Growing up, AZitiZ attended an all girl’s spiritual boarding school in Florida whereas the students learned yoga, meditation & practiced strict vegetarianism. Young AZitiZ traveled the world, including India, (in which she lived there for 8 months) engaging in theatrical performances and mastering the fundamentals of music. Over the years, her music excellence became apparent as she excelled in different styles of drumming, studying at Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, California. Returning to the states, AZitiZ heard hip hop and fell in love with it. Queen Latifa, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu & Missy Elliot are only a handful of music icons that have inspired her.


As an artist that has travelled to Australia, Germany, Poland, India and South Africa, she not only spreads the message of peace, love and Happiness with her sound but simultaneously climbs the ranks within the music realm.

AZitiZ is part of the Blue Pie Family of Artists. For all the latest news on AZitIZ check out the following sites:

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