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09 Jul 2009

When you think about hard rock there are be many bands that come to mind. Azumuth is definitely one of those bands who stick like glue and will capture the intrigue of audiences, whether its a song about anger, loss or uncertainty.

Blue Pie is very proud to have secured world wide distribution rights to “Azumuth” one of the worlds distinctive bands. This versatile medium has harnessed melodic, epic hard rock with a slightly Gothic edge. Started in 2007 by Aidan Dickens on lead vocals and guitar. He enlisted members, Nathan on guitars, Adam on keys, Gavin on bass and Eugene on drums and have already had song “Fly” picked up by Rage.

The songs themselves are about the darkness and the light; falling into shadow and emerging on the other side to let your spirit soar.

Blue Pie and Azumuth have been working hard on their promotional campaign for 2009. With the boys energy and talent they are already making a big splash in the hard rock scene this year.

Watch this space or jump online and check their websites for more updates.

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