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Barry Crocker gets the Love!
14 Feb 2013

Barry Crocker is regarded by many as one of the ‘greats’ in Australian entertainment. His career has spanned across decades and includes music production, packed live concerts, television roles in comic and drama genres, as well as countless appearances overseas in the UK and USA. He is also highly involved in charity, and has been honoured with the prestigious ‘Order of Australia’ award in 1987 for his dedicated services to charity and to the Australian entertainment industry.

It is very nice to have received a letter from a fan who loves Barry Crocker’s work, as nobody takes the time to hand write often anymore. We are all very pleased to share this letter. Peter Flego from South Australia writes,

“I am writing this to convey to you my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your dedicated services to entertainment and charitable causes. I have found you and your life an inspiration, if only to prove there are people in useful roles who can live up to the example they are supposed to embody given their position of privilege. My life is a small one, though I feel it is more significant, somehow, having been party to a society that can produce a fine man such as yourself.

I am impressed by your contributions to the artistic life of our nation as a singer, actor and entertainer. I note your work and involvement with thee variety clubs of Australia and your industrious efforts in assisting children’s charities over many years.

It is people like yourself that have enriched and enhanced the robust fabric that is Australia.

With all good wishes.

Yours Sincerely,
Peter Flego”

Thank you for the kind words from everyone at Blue Pie Records and Barry Crocker.

If you would like to hear more of Barry Crocker’s works, head to his official page for all the information on his latest.

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