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Beaming endorsement of Macshawn100 from the Commander-In-Chief !!!
11 Feb 2017

Even though Macshawn100 is a long-time and celebrated player in the rap and hip-hop game, featuring on over 70 albums including platinum and multi-platinum sellers, it looks like he’s still got the space – and the cojones – to grow and come into his own. Spearheading his own albums and singles, such as the 2011 ‘Your Favourite Rapper’s Favourite Rapper’ and 2016’s ‘The Position’, his 2016 release ‘Smoke the Best’ seems to have found an earnest fan in the president of the U.S…one Mr Trump !

We can’t confirm or deny the use of digital photo manipulation in this image, but we can confirm that there’s no reason why anyone wouldn’t be a fan of Macshawn100. Macshawn100 is just as irrepressible as his contemporaries, and long-time collaborators Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube, unabashed about would-be provocatory subject matter and album art.

Fans and newcomers to his music alike can expect an unmatched quotability, lyrical attitude, and many familiar and famous voices featuring in his tracks.


Listen To MacShawn on SoundCloud and smoke the best with the new DIRTY MIX !

Check out MacShawn100’s social media, music and information here:
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Artist Website:

MacShawn100 - Promo Images 181116 (1)

Smoke The Best (1)

MacShawn100 - Promo Images 181116 (2)

MacShawn100 - Promo Images 181116 (1)

Smoke The Best (2)

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