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Beck Black is going to be premiering some new songs!
25 Jul 2014

Thursday the 14th of August.

Save the date and head on down to the 3 of Clubs in Hollywood.

The band will be performing killer new tunes like Dream Walker, Dirty Lil Angel and a cover of the Cure’s Forest!

Sounds epic, right?

So don’t miss out! Make sure you’re there and amongst the raunchy mayhem that is Beck Black.

With their musical wonderland being portrayed as a chaotic circus, all the freakish and funky aspects of their style slammed together and taken to a topsy turvy new level.

The band bring their in-your-face attitude to the stage, with a powerful and crazy performance. They create dramatic sounds and hypnotic rhythms that are mystical and resonant of a parallel universe. So the show is bound to be intense and full of energy!

For more, check out their website 

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