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Become a passenger and jump in the car with B-Bless and Missy Crissy. Journey to a new sonic destination with this great song !
26 Jul 2018

In 2016, Missy Crissy released her self-titled first album. It was a success but she did not settle for this and kept working with the Blue Pie Productions team and released an awesome new track called “Passenger”. The song is a collaboration between a super star cast and Mr B-Bless.

She decided to team up with the worldwide publishing and recording label, DJ Central Records. “Passenger” is already one of the favourite songs on many of the urban and hip hop stations in the USA.

This is a hip hop sensation burning the doorway down to your ears. B-Bless is a versatile rapper from Queens well-known there since his debut EP release “The Found King”. This collaboration was put together by Damien Reilly, Danny Saber, Chris Garcia and highlights the vocal talents of Missy Crissy.

The song has an incredible team just check out this case below:

Musicians | Performers:

  • Main vocal – B-Bless – Appearing courtesy of DJ Central Records ( ASCAP )
  • Sax- Darren Gholston | Appearing courtesy of Epixx Media Group LA USA
  • Guitar- Silo Ornelas | Appearing courtesy of Epixx Media Group LA USA
  • Backing Vocals and Harmonies – Missy Crissy  Appearing courtesy of DJ Central Records ( ASCAP )


Beat Original Bed:

Modified Bed:

  • Danny Saber


  • Damien Reilly
  • Danny Saber
  • B-Bless
  • Noble Taylor


  • Tom Polce
  • Vocal Comping:
  • Chris Garcia

Production Team:

  • Danny Saber – Producer | beat | Arrangements.
  • Damien Reilly – Arrangements | Asst Producer on all parts.
  • Chris Garcia – Vocal comping desk mix.
  • Tom Polce – The mix
  • The Epixx Sound | John Merlo/ Jason Mitchell (Making WAVS Music) for the Sax and Guitar solo’s.

Recorded At:

  • The Epixx Studios Bakersfield
  • The Chris Garcia Sound Lounger Topanga
  • Sound City LA
  • Danny Saber Studios LA
  • GFX Studios Romania ( Missy Crissy Vocals )

A world class production team Blue Pie Records’ CEO Damien Reilly and Mr Danny Saber driving the bus.

You will become a passenger in this musical car as it drives you into an undeniable new place for you chill out or to groove the night away.

Be the next Passenger in Missy Crissy and B-Bless’ Musical Masterpiece and listen to it here:

For more information on B-Bless and Missy Crissy you can check out the official links below.

Missy Crissy:


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