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Bella Nae's "Ab Fab" hits the radio airways!
21 May 2012

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just started a radio campagine to get artist Bella Nae’s newest single “Ab Fab” on the radio!

“Ab Fab” is the first track to be released by Mahoning Valley Records and Blue Pie Recordsd by Bella Nae is it’s expected to be a massive hit. The single is a super hot song with a killer dance track which will be sure to get keep you grooving.

“Ab Fab” has been made available online through AirPlay Direct – so if you’re a radio station please check out the song to make a great addition to your stations play list. Fans should also make sure to request the song at all their favorite stations!

AirPlay Direct profile: 

To purchase the song on iTunes 

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