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Big D. Rocafella in da House
03 Feb 2011

Blue Pie gets some Hip Hop grooves from one of New York Cities masters ” Big D”. Big D. Rocafella has been a member of the legendary UltraMagenetic MC’S since 1988. D has been on many stages around the world delivering real Hip Hop Music. D has performed with some of the best artist that have been out for the last 20 years, such as Ice-T, NWA, Ghetto Boys, EPMD, Eric B & Rakim, Queen Latifah and many others. Now Big D. Rocafella is a solo artist currently still working with Kool Keith and Moe Love. D has went on to release 8 mixtape albums since re-entering the hip hop game in 2004. D is now preparing for the release of his 9th mix tape album titled “The Reagan Era (1986)”, featuring Kool Keith, Supa Lova Cee, Black Milk, DJ Jay Cee, Rakim and a few special guest. Production by D. Rocafella, Kool Keith, Block Down and a host of others.

Big D is out now on Blue Pie for the world with his new solo album. This is the hardest album preparing to hit the streets in the last 10 years. Those that have live the lifestyle back in the 80’s and those who know about the 80’s can relate first hand to this album. The first video for the song “Leave em’ Dead” can be viewed on Also available is live footage of the shows preformed with UltraMagnetic Mc’s, Ice-T, Fat Joe, Smooth da Hustler & Trigger da Gambler. Big D is a Blue Pie artist for the world and available at all leading digital retailers on the planet. For more information on Big D check out his You can download Big D from iTunes for the world. Click here

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