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Billy Ray Diez New Social Media Love!
25 Aug 2011

Billy Ray Diaz has some brand new social media pages.

Billy Ray is now on Facebook and Twitter. Also, he is featured on the Snowy Mountain Boys’ website.

IheartRadio is an American station, which aims to discover new and emerging artists. Already, more than 50 Clear Channel Radio stations have featured Billy Ray Diez’s single Rather Have Sooner. It is getting plays all over the country, more than 100 so far! Here is the link to one of the Clear Channel station’s websites:

 Billy receives airplay on RadioBuzzD, IradioLA, Midnight Special Blues Radio in Paris.

 The national Vents internet podcast featured ‘Daddy’s Comin’ Home’ as a runner-up in their May–July cycle of top music acts.

 The legendary Cliff Goldmacher produced Billy’s singles in Nashville. He got awesome session musicians such as George Marinelli, who was the guitar player in the Bonnie Raitt Band and worked on the very last Ray Charles album, Duets.

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