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Red and Black! Orlando Predators and the Eastside Boyz!
04 Jun 2019

Yo, it’s the Kings of Crunk! These east coast sparkplugs need no introduction, as they essentially pioneered the hip hop subgenre in the first place, and they’ve been tearing it up ever since! You may not have heard as many awesome stories about them as you might have in the golden age of crunk, but rest assured they definitely haven’t been twiddling their thumbs. Crunk never died, crunk never dies! You may have heard of the anthem they whipped up for the Atlanta Falcons- “Gettem”? How ready are you crunk fans for the sequel?! Ready or not, another anthem for the Orlando Predators just hit all major music retailers! Give a warm east coast welcome to RED AND BLACK!

“Sequel” indeed- you might think this is quite familiar. It’s an awesome remix of Gettem!

Different vocals and mixing with the same epic, intimidating beat! Let’s go Falcons- the birds pass the torch on to the Predators with this amazing anthem! Perfect to hype anyone up before an event! REP THAT RED AND BLACK FAM! Orlando, bet you guys are real proud! Listen to Bone Crusher spit that amazing war cry out with a vengeance! Predators, where you at?! Get up out your seats and scream along with this if you rep your team with pride!

It may not be as long as the 2017 track, but it carries the same energy, adding a crescendo to Gettem’s buildup. You know how that ol saying goes. It goes if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! So give this track its due attention- or as Bone Crusher would say, “ATTENTIOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!” Red and Black is here to capitalise on our collective hype and we would not have it any other way! So check out the links below to find out more info about the Eastside Boyz and experience a wider range of their music and let the hype continue for as long as crunk has!

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