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Black Dawn have been making September their own!
07 Sep 2021

Let’s see what the crew have been up to lately! Black Dawn are the quintessential metal band, and their rich guitar compositions, loud bass and intense lyrics are the perfect energy riser for any occasion. So what better occasion than a New York thrashdown at Gramercy Theater now that restrictions have eased?!

An 18 month break is nothing to shake a stick at, and with the passion that Black Dawn puts into their music, you can imagine that they’d be busting to get back out there and rock the house just like the good old days! Black Dawn produces music that bleeds raw emotion and reflects the best of the Heavy Metal genre. They’ve been with us at Blue Pie for over 10 years, and we’ve loved to have them for that long- we wouldn’t want to ever lose their unique brand of talent!

The New York rock show was familiar territory for the group. Black Dawn has been producing and performing music in the Long Island/New York region since 1996. The band currently consists of Matt Kotten (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Tom Kelly (Rhythm Guitar), Shawn Cox (Bass Guitar – formerly of New York City’s Sworn Enemy), and Enzo DiPaolo (Drums). They have produced two albums “Absence of Time” (1999) and “Age of Reason” (2004), and the EP “Until We Meet” (2014). Several of these tracks have been selectively chosen by numerous digital radio stations, podcasts and colleges globally, showcasing the talent and reach of this band.

But digital radio is one thing, in-person shows are another entirely! And we’re sure you’ll agree, upon seeing the excellent photoshoot that Black Dawn put onto their Facebook!

Looking good, fellas! Luckily though, the band doesn’t just have the looks, they have the talent too, and their sound is enough – which is evident when you hear them! And soon, many people will be hearing them… LIVE on Double Trouble Radio tomorrow from 7:00 to 10:00pm, Black Dawn will be rocking the air waves alongside a bunch of other artists! Check out the details below!

What sort of tracks can we expect? Well why not have a browse and see for yourself?

We’re looking forward to all of this, and we’re keen to tune in and hear what Black Dawn opt to treat the world to!

One thing is clear – Black Dawn have definitely made September their own in just a matter of a few days, and we’re loving it! Seeing their star shine so bright is an absolute treat for us. Rock on, guys.

Check Black Dawn out for yourself:

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