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Black Dawn on Bullspike Radio! Enter the Bullspike hall of fame!
11 Jul 2022

If you wanna get your ears blasted off by some of the best metal on the planet, just tune in to Bullspike Radio on Tuesday at 10PM ET, via the TuneIn App, the Live365 App, or! Why’s that? Just the little fact that BLACK DAWN WILL BE BLASTING OVER THE AIR! And we couldn’t be more hype about it!

And Bullspike appear to love Black Dawn just as much as us… since they’ve added the killer band to their prestigious HALL OF FAME!

With this kind of honour, newcomers to Black Dawn can know that this band is the genuine article. As Bullspike would say, that’s “no bull”! The other bands in the hall of fame are some excellent picks too, and testament to the quality of Black Dawn’s work:

What sort of tracks can we expect them to play over the air? Well why not have a browse of their catalogue and see for yourself? We can only speculate what they’re gonna choose to perform, but we’re sure that it’ll sound crisp and rockin’, and hopefully expose the world to a band that we could all stand to hear more of! We all need a little more thrashing in our lives, and Black Dawn is the best course to achieve that!

We’re looking forward to all of this, and we’re keen to tune in and hear what Black Dawn opt to treat the world to!

Despite the “Black Dawn” promised in their band’s moniker, seeing their star shine so bright is an absolute treat for us. Rock on, guys.

Check Black Dawn out for yourself:

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