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BlackFaceNaija signs on with Blue Pie Publishing & ORDIOR after 14 years of loyalty!
04 Jun 2019

14 years is a long time! 2005 was a very long while ago when we started to work with BlackFaceNaija.Throughout that time, Blackface Naija (sometimes known simply as Blackface) has worked alongside us to bring amazing African talent to the world and to Blue Pie Records. Indeed, you can read about some of it by clicking here!

We have very happy news to deliver with BlackFaceNaija decided to sign with Blue Pie Publishing and ORDIOR to not only have our team manage and collect his due royalties but to also claim the enormous unpaid royalties that he has out there in the music world.  The amazing talent he showcased with writing one of Africa’s biggest songs “African Queen” and have that become a global hit via his friend 2Face from his Plantashion Boy days. We will be working to grow new fans and have his catalogue updated including many of his iconic African hits, made available on all the worlds leading streaming platforms and download sites.

BlackFaceNaiga has contributed to work that includes some of the biggest songs to hit the African airwaves for the past 20 years. He has been a true friend to many of the artists we now represent in Africa. We look forward to a great partnership. Blue PIe Records will be working with his label ” LoudHouz Entertainment” to establish his new musical brand and helping his artists to become internationally popular and that’s justifiably so!

THREE 👏 MILLION 👏 PLAYS 👏 ON 👏 SPOTIFY! 👏 That’s some incredible work and you can read all about it and the process behind it, and learn more about Blackface Naija himself by clicking HERE!

Don’t forget to check out some of the other amazing work he’s done!

It’s all laid out for your convenience on his Spotify profile and Youtube channel. But for now, have a teaser with this music video of Life Time!

Some of the best Afropop/Reggae that you’ll EVER hear!

We’re proud to say that Blackface Naija is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and now exclusively published by Blue Pie Publishing for the world.

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