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Bleek's 'This Intoxication' now on YouTube!
15 Mar 2011

Swedish rock gods, BLEEK, get the video magic to flow and get intoxicated at the same time.

Bleek’s new clip for their uber hot song ‘This Intoxication’ is out now for the world to see and hear on Blue Pie’s YouTube Channel

You can check out the clip RIGHT HERE!

Bleek – This Intoxication

Bleek teamed up with Damien Reilly to produce this fun-filled video clip. The band takes full credit for being extremely creative on a limited budget.

The clip was Directed and Edited by Patrik Karlson who did a great job leading the way on the day of the shoot. Director of Photography, Christian Svanlund, snapped up some great pics as the film clip unfolded, whilst Make-up and Costume Assistants -Emilia Kraft and Asa Kostenniemi worked their magic on the artists. First Assistant Camera-man and Focus Puller, Johan Hedelius, along with Shooting Assistants – Emilia Svanlun and Shahin Nankali whipped up some great footage for all Bleek fans to see!

With a sound that echoes the influences of bands like: Fleet Fox’s, Cold Play, Pink Floyd and the song writing skills of legends like Bob Dylan and Bob Seeger, this band is creating global sound waves that brought them to the attention of Blue Pie.

Remember you can check out the bands latest news at their website here


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