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BLKRAW Signs Up To New 'Stage It' Service
11 Apr 2012

BLKRAW has signed up with the 6 month old service It is the only service that allows a interactive live experience between artist and fans during a performance. It isn’t necessarily just about broadcasting concerts online though. It’s about sharing the amazing moments that happen in between. The artist can take you backstage, around their house, through their studio – literally anywhere – and you have a front row seat !

If you’re a fan, then you’re going to love Stageit’s ability to help you get incredibly close to your favorite artists. You’re going to see a side of artists that you’ve never seen before. But most importantly, because every performance at Stageit is LIVE, you’ll be able to chat with artists and request songs.

There is even a virtual tip jar, which allows you to show your support at anytime during the show. Did the artist play a song you requested? do something great? or do you just flat out love the guy? You can show a little love by sending a tip.

BLKRAW is a very tech-savvy artist and enjoys interacting with fans, through the means of media and technology. This is just another way for him to offer his fans an interesting and unforgettable experience. He is new to the service, so be sure to show some support.

You can check out BLKRAW profile and upcoming virtual shows here.

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