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Blow Flyy Film Clip Featured On Dj Pop Dukez Mixtapes!
08 Nov 2011

Blue Pie artist Blow Flyy is DJ Pop Dukez feature artist right now! The film clip for his awesome song ‘My Wings Will Take Me’ is on the main page of Dj Pop Dukez Mixtapes!

You can watch the video HERE!

Anthony Grant now goes by the stage name Blow Flyy. Blow Flyy is known on the Canadian underground hip-hop scene as an independent artist and prolific writer. He has been writing and performing his own songs since age 17.

These days he spends as much time in the studio as he can, recording and creating entertaining, relevant music. With limited resources, he still does what he can to get his albums released and heard by a wider fan base.

Blow Flyy’s debut album, ‘Something Powerful’, was released in 2004. This was a hardcore, street-sounding, hip-hop album, which told stories of the streets. The singles from that album were played on US based online radio stations, most notably Boston’s His latest album ‘It’s Like I Got A Set Of Wings’ released in November 2010, was even better than the first album and we have a lot more to look forward to from Blow Flyy.

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