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Blow Flyy Is Making A Buzz In The Underground Music Scene
01 Nov 2013

Blue Pie and DJ Central’s urban artist, Blow Flyy has been stirring a buzz in the underground music scene and College Underground magazine has taken notice!

This is a great privilege for Blow Flyy as College Underground magazine is recognised as featuring “only the best of the best in the up and coming indie scene”.

The author of the article doesn’t hold back with her impression on Blow Flyy, and boy, she is impressed with the hip-hop artist’s work! Here’s an excerpt of Blow Flyy’s ‘buzzing’ review within the article:

“Canadian born hip hop artist and songwriter, Blow Flyy, is an example of how independent and self-financed artists can stay true to their sound and message while still gaining a following. Blow Flyy strives to make clean, simple, and entertaining music, while refraining from using the abundance of profanity that usually accompanies mainstream hip hop. With over 30,000 Facebook fans and Twitter followers combined, Blow Flyy has been able to use social media as an independent artist to promote his music. Sites such as offer free and paid downloads of his songs to the public, list upcoming performances, and give an opportunity to connect with Blow Flyy.  

I was recently able to ask Blow Flyy about his Hip Hop/Pop sound, his goals as an independent artist, and his current projects.” The article then leads on to an interview with the hip-hop artist about himself, his music and his future aspirations, which you can check out here.

The team at Blue Pie feel that this is only the beginning for Blow Flyy and we couldn’t be more proud that Blow Flyy’s hard work and effort is finally being recognised! So keep your ears out for Blow Flyy, because he’s bound to make more of a buzz within the music industry.

For more info on Blow Flyy and his music, you can check out his official reverbnation site here.

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