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Blow Flyy Releases "Applause" Remix!
14 Sep 2012

Blue Pie artist Blow Flyy has recently released a remix of his song ‘Applause,’ from his album It’s Like I Got a Set of Wings (available on iTunes).

The young hip hop star has been on the Canadian underground scene for quite some time studying how the music industry has changed and developed. Anthony utilised the newly found internet platform to distribute his music on a low budget.

Changing from hardcore street sounding style of music, Anthony expanded into a more soulful danceable genre of hip hop, allowing his demographic of followers to expand rapidly. With a new set of followers and a new ambition to succeed, Anthony began recording more varied songs and creating lyrics with more depth.

Blow Flyy’s music has been released and circulated to many different avenues on the web, online radio stations based in the United States, United Kingdom and recently in western Canada.

Listen to the ‘Applause’ remix HERE!

For the latest news and updates, visit Blow Flyy’s Official Facebook Page.

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