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Blow_Flyy is creating lots of radio buzz!
16 Jun 2014
Blow_Flyy’s song ‘That’s My Girl’ continues to be a smash hit on radio and has expanded to new domestic and international stations.
Blow_Flyy is picking up some incredible musical momentum as he accelerates through the music airwaves. His latest track “That’s My Girl” is a stand out single that is catching the eyes and ears of radio stations around the world.
The track has been played a whopping 1019 times this May alone! That’s classified as heavy rotation and is measured by the quality of the song, and audience requests and comments about the song. The track has been spun in California, Texas and Florida in the US and internationally in the UK and Australia. These are countries and cities with an extensive knowledge of fine musical taste and want to help promote an artist who produces quality music.
The Canadian produces a rap/hip-hop and pop fusion of music. He strives for nothing less than perfection! His passion for great music is heavily influenced by his strong relationship with his family. He delivers a new flow to traditional hip-hop, generating nostalgic rhythms and a lyrical prowess that is as delightful as it is soulful. .
The track is mellow and chilled out. The rapping vocals are layered on top of the relaxed backing track. The seductive sounds create a sensuous vibe that is perfect for an easy listening and mellowing out track. The lyrics don’t rhyme, but they definitely flow with the vibe of the track. The clean and simple music is emotive and evocative of endearing natures. What is so unique about this rapper is his lack of coarse language. He manages to capture the essence of RnB, hip-hop and rap without making it dirty or littered with verbal trash.
Other music reviewers have noticed this unique trait too:
“Blow Flyy strays away from traditional mainstream fodder by using more creative language in his lyrics and keeping it clean so he can reach all ages without barrier or restrictions” – S. Vicino,
He creates music similar to Drake, Kanye West and Jay-Z. He is definitely one to keep yours ears open for, as his dreamy mixes are bound to be lapped up by even more radio stations. He is a new age artist, creating new dynamic modes for the hip-hop genre, taking it into new levels of soul and groove.
Blow_Flyy’s continual increase in popularity shows he is a promising young artist with a lot of potential to create outstanding and unique music. The success of Blow_Flyy is immaculate, and we are proud to see this momentous journey and acceleration of success.
The unique music is available in stores and iTunes, which you can purchase here 
For more, check out the ReverbNation page here
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