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Blow_Flyy's ‘That’s my Girl’ and ‘My Wings’ singles, are big hits on radio stations!
21 Jan 2015

Hip-Hop Artist Blow_Flyy has released two singles, they are already big hits on the radio, and are not going anywhere for a long time.

Anthony Grant aka Blow Flyy a Canadian Hip-Hop artist, hailing from Halifax- Canada, comes as a breath of fresh air. His songs are clean and simple in structure. The lyrics are thoughtful and effort is put to create genuine music, making the songs compelling. Coming from a family of musicians and singers, music came naturally to him. Growing under the influence of poets, he is an avid poet himself and writes inspiring lyrics. The subjects are around love and happiness. The artist refers to his music as Hip-Hop/Pop as it has certain elements of the pop music genre as well. Before rising to fame, he patiently studied the underground hip-hop music movement and has used online as an extremely successful medium to promote his work and has built a huge fan base in short time. The songs have received rave reviews and praise from fans worldwide. One of his fans mentions ‘just love this song, though I don’t listen to rap music’.

He is the recipient of the prestigious Akademia awards and critiques and fans appreciate his musical genius equally. His songs have been played and downloaded across the Internet and his website numerous times and his work can be found on various online music and blog sites across Canada and Europe. His songs are also played on numerous radio stations and have generated a lot of interest and received tremendous response. The user base has also seen an upsurge on various other social media platforms like Facebook. The singles, ‘That’s my Girl’ and ‘My Wings’ are seeing upsurge in rotation on various radio stations and have been a big hit for straight few months.


For more information about Blow_Flyy check out his Facebook page:

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