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17 Jul 2009

Blue Pie and Danmark Music Group have teamed up to open new European markets for all Blue Pie artists, labels and content partners. We will also be doing this for Danmark and their amazing artists.

Danmark Music Group was founded by Dan Hougesen & Mark Wills in 2007. The concept is to offer the full musical spectrum from artist development, song writing, production, releases through our own established label, right through to promotion & publishing thereby offering the complete music solution for any artist, customer or product when necessary.

This is truly a groundbreaking agreement and will see a solid connection built between the two companies. Both companies have known of each other for a number of years and have been meaning to organize some form of business together due to the common ideals and the focus on transparency in business. As Damien Reilly says ” The new agreement will allow a firm doorway to now be made wide open for our Australian new and emerging hot artists to now lay their mark on the European markets”.

We are planning tours for 2010 and we will have many new and exciting license and promotional agreements completed in the coming years. Both company founders share the same vision and views of the market. We are now working on the building of this new super musical highway.

Look out Europe because here comes some fantastic Blue Pie for your musical taste buds to enjoy. Lookout Australia because some of Europe’s best new stars are on the way down under!

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