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Blue Pie and Deep Sky Music release of New Age/Celtic musician Shuna’s new album to the world !
02 May 2012

Blue Pie and Deep Sky Music is proud to announce the release of New Age/Celtic musician Shuna’s, also known as Patrick Stacey’s, new album. The album titled ‘Pol An Aba,’ has been inspired by Shuna’s, also known as many years of training as a classically based pianist, composer, arranger and song writer.


Shuna made his debut radio release in 2001 on an in-flight radio station for Singapore Airlines. Since then his compositions have been aired on show’s such as BBC Radio Scotland’s “Take the Floor”, BBC Radio Bristol’s “Introducing” show in 2010, and BathFM Radio. Throughout this period his Celtic and new age tracks have been described as “fantastic” by a number of DJ’s, he has developed a number of non-exclusive contracts with Jinglepunks and Sentric music, both of whom are members of the MCPS-PRS Alliance, and has had 10,000 units of his work distributed worldwide through his addition on the WOA label’s compilation album “Goa Chill out Zone volume 3”.

Some of Shuna’s other musical accomplishments include: Diphthong Sound Club, Spacey and the Astronaut and Monsoon Day, and ‘Brandy in Geneva’, a newly formed indie pop band due to make it’s EP release early 2012.

Shuna’s creative direction for his work, and in particular for this album was greatly influenced by his childhood in Argllshire, Scotland, the album being referenced by him as being “inspired by the myths, legends and serenity of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.” The nine track album includes titles such as ‘Pol An Aba’, ‘April’ Duncan’ and ‘Port of Kings’.

To check out the new album you can head to:  or Itunes:


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