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Blue Pie and Mangos are Great!
16 Jun 2011

Blue Pie is thrilled to announce a partnership with Mango Reel!

Mango Reel is an exciting full-service creative music consultancy, based in the UK. They represent some of the best independent record labels, publishers and artists for one-stop music licensing in television, films, trailers, video games and advertising. Mango Reel together with Blue Pie will fuse well as they collaborate ideas and get down to business!

Mango Reel’s aim is focused on delivering simple and effective solutions that take the hassle out of sourcing great music. They are run by a small team of well-established composers and deliver a streamlined licensing process, which helps clients connect with some of the best independent music in the industry.

Their high quality catalogue includes over 4500+ original songs and instrumentals with a wide variety of genres including indie rock, electronic, alt country, pop, singer-songwriter, punk, classical, folk, blues and piano ballads.

With Mango Reel sourcing some of the best independent music, and Blue Pie being a top-notch independent label, it’s clear to see why these companies are so excited about this venture. They are the perfect match ready to create a storm!

To find out more about Mango Reel and check out their labels and artists head to their website at:

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