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Blue Pie and Petrophonics get down to some serious recording business
12 Jul 2010

Blue Pie and Petrophonics get down to some serious recording business. We are extremely pleased to announce the addition of “Petrophonic Records & Petrophonic Studios” to the Blue Pie label roster. Petrophonic Studios have a world class studio and production facilities in Melbourne and have been developing artists for the past 5 years. With the assistance of the Blue Pie Team of Mark Haughton and Damien Reilly together with Petros Georgiades and Matthew Callahan they will be focussed on the global development of Petrophonic acts, distribution of their music and administering all their publishing and mechanical copyrights. The partnership brings together over 60 years of world class music industry experience with Damien Reilly and the Blue Pie Business Development Team driving the sales, licensing and administration side of the partnership with Petros and Matt working on the production and sounds. Petros Georgiades has been involved in all aspects of music production for the past 20 years. Having studied Piano, Drums and Percussion throughout his High School years, Petros went on to obtain an advanced diploma in sound engineering, and quickly progressed to setting up his first home-based recording studio whilst managing music shops around Melbourne. He continued to perform in various bands (which included a live performance on MTV, Australia-Wide tours and Overseas engagements) as well as writing original material for several projects, including: “Home and Aerobics” (Recorded for the UK market and featuring the cast of Home and Away), Music and voice-overs for Australia Post , and Music soundtracks for CTV (Shell and Food Plus in-store Television), and promotional soundtracks for Disneyland Paris. He has also composed original music for over 900 ‘Pokie Machine’ games spread across 16 Million Gaming Machines Worldwide. The Recording Studio also continued to grow its client base, and progressed to an interesting mix of corporate recordings (such as Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, Motivational Speakers and Sales Trainers) as well as recording a variety of musical acts including: Blues Greats Nick Charles and Alex Burns, Children’s entertainers “The Scallywag Pirates” and Paul Jamieson “The Music Man”, The Buzzmatics, Mark Joseph, Say Yeah, Jimmy Christo, Mari Hall, Hey Sister!, The Breakers, Itchy Fingers, Neil Raymond, “Son of Elvis”, Citrus, Indi James, Hayley Clare… and many others…. Petros saw the talent and potential in some of these raw unsigned acts, and has made it his mission to expand the services of Petrophonic Productions, to provide representation, production and distribution for his small eclectic mix of talented artists. Petrophonic Productions aims to grow its catalogue of artists, slowly and selectively, to include a diverse mix to cater to all markets, from Children’s music to Adult Contemporary Rock, Pop, Dance and Easy Listening, reaching the broadest possible audience. Petrophonics artists include Indie James, Marie Hall, Hayley Clare and Jimmy Christo to name a few. You can find out more about Petrophonic Studios by visiting their website at

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