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Blue Pie and Sonicbids help new artists get discovered
01 Apr 2010

Sonicbids and Blue Pie help new artists to get discovered. Blue Pie has been using Sonicbids now for over 4 years. The system is idiot proof and just works. Since working with Sonicbids we have added over 50 artists to the roster for distribution, marketing and general label services including our charity project ” Hurricane Healing “. Some of the many artists we have added include 7 Horses, The Dave Fox Group, The Lead Pipe Crunch, Fat Opie, Sam Pollard, Shakti, John Powers, G Nut, The Upset Victory and The Yeehaa Boys to name a few. If you are in the music business and your job is to look for new talent and your not using this product then you are nuts !

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