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Blue Pie and the Blue Pie Digital Team are very pleased to announce new partnerships
28 Jul 2010

Blue Pie and the Blue Pie Digital Team are very pleased to announce some new partnerships. We have opened up new relationships with Guvera + Basepoint Media + R2G/Wawawa + AT&T and Orange/France Telecom . We are very excited to be working with these great companies. Blue Pie’s labels and artists will be available for download in these companies digital retail stores and mobile networks from August 2010 onwards.

The world of digital entertainment is rapidly changing. Most research studies show that 95% of all music downloaded digitally is done so illegally.  As the digital industry shifts from a download model to a cloud based access model it is even more imperative for the greatest purveyors of access, the ISPs, to patrol their networks and protect your intellectual property. If we can shift even 10% of the illegal download volume to new, customer friendly legal download models we will increase digital music sales by 300% The Australian + US + UK Governments and Copyright Management Bodies are becoming more and more involved in developing new and workable commercial solutions. We have seen sales improve in other countries where governments are actively working to resolve the very same issues we face here in Australia with our business and the US, so we know it’s effective. These are some of the retailers we have entered into agreements with for the sale of our catalogue and general content globally over the past 3 months.



Guvera Limited is a music and content download system designed in Australia, founded in 2008. Guvera provides a way for content owners such as artists and record labels to generate revenue from their music, making it readily available and 100% free and legal to consumers. Content is paid for by advertisers looking to target consumers in a revolutionary way with branded channels. launched in the US in March 2010 and offers content for a number of major labels and independent content providers.


Basepoint Media 

Basepoint Media is a white label/aggregator located in Denmark providing content to services for downloads, streaming and mobile products.  To view their clients, go here:



R2G developed the first centralized music distribution platform in China promoting the consumption and monetization of legitimate digital content through a transparent licensing and monitoring platform and further distinguishes itself through its music domain expertise in digital music licensing and distribution, piracy monitoring and marketing services.  R2G also runs China’s largest online independent music store, Wawawa which finally provides independent music labels and artists with a platform in China to sell their music.  China already has the 2nd largest Internet user base with 100 million users and the biggest broadband/LAN user base in the world at 43 million. It also has the largest mobile phone subscriber base in the world at 334 million.


New Mobile Retailers:


AT&T is recognized as one of the leading worldwide providers of IP-based communications services to businesses. They also have the nations fastest 3G network and the largest international coverage of any U.S. wireless carrier, offering the most phones that work in the most countries; the largest Wi-Fi network in the United States; and the largest number of high speed Internet access subscribers in the United States.  AT&T is the exclusive service provider to iPhones in the US.


Orange/France Telecom

Orange is the key brand of France Telecom, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. With 131.8 million customers, the Orange brand now covers internet, television and mobile services in the majority of countries where the Group operates. At the end of 2009, France Telecom had consolidated sales of 50.9 billion Euros, including its activities in the United Kingdom, and at 31 December

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