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Blue Pie and The Music Factory team up for Christmas!
15 Dec 2021

Houghton Hughes is the manager of the label The Music Factory, and his dream is similar to that of our own – to distribute great music the world over. Much of The Music Factory’s music existed only in physical media, but this holiday season, we at Blue Pie endeavour to change that for the better! In partnership with The Music Factory, we have worked with Mr Hughes to make both his and our dreams come true, and now, for a brand-new online generation, we have some great old-time Christmas classics all available online!

And that’s just a sample! The Music Factory has a huge catalogue that doesn’t only consist of Christmas tunes, and we are honoured to be able to digitally remaster/restore it and distribute it online through various retailers and streaming services such as Spotify. These much-loved hits sound better than ever after the remastering. And the world is taking notice! At the top of the Christmas charts is one particular album from the Christchurch Citadel Salvation Army Band: “Christmas Brass – 20 Favourite Brass Band Carols”! Jingle Bells and several other classic tracks are really doing numbers on Spotify in particular, and the online world is rediscovering the classic Christmas hits that many readers would have grown up with!

The Music Factory has always brought the world over a swathe of great content, Christmas themed or otherwise. You can read their story via the biographies at, in which you see why Christmas in New Zealand and Christmas Down Under are both prominent albums in this collection! Although the inescapably White-Christmas-centric imagery that inhabits the cultural zeitgeist this time of year doesn’t fit us over here in Australia and New Zealand with our sunny Christmas days, the roaring fireplaces and snowy vistas depicted on the album covers and within the song lyrics certainly can fit… if you crank up the air con enough! Which you may well be doing anyway, if this year is going to be as hot as other years.

The Music Factory has a lot to offer the world, both in terms of classic music and Christmas delights. With a wide variety of genres and musical mainstays, we at Blue Pie Records see ourselves as kindred spirits with them, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with them to bring all flavours of holidays to you, the listener.

Find out more about The Music Factory here:

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