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17 Jul 2009

Blue Pie and You License have now teamed up to open up amazing new channels for the Blue Pie catalogue to reach new and exciting avenues for commercial license sales.

You License is an online music-licensing marketplace. They have developed a platform, which enables artists and those seeking musical content to conduct business directly with one another in a safe and secure environment. The unique search engine and standardized contracts allow for a quick and easy process.

Whether you’re looking to license music for Film & Television, Advertising Campaigns, Music on Hold, Mobile Phone Content, Web Content, Audio Projects, or you are a small business in need of musical content, You License is your marketplace.

The Blue Pie team and You License will be focused on the ingestion of the catalogues into this world leading system over the coming months. All of the details will be made available to all our artists, content owners and labels through Blue Pie reports console.

You should check out the Blue Pie support system great system as the world keeps changing at every turn. Click on the link and check out our test sites.

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