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Blue Pie Appoints Shachi Estler To The Blue Pie Europe Team
18 Feb 2010

Blue Pie appoints Shachi Estler to the Blue Pie Europe Team. Shachi Estler is our resident Business Development Manager for the Middle East. With over a decade of experience in the music business Shachi brings a new level of dedication to perfection to the Blue Pie European Team. Working with Globalev World Music for the past few years has made Shachi an expert in World Music with an acute sense of known great acts from all over the world. Having worked with the most of the roster on the Globalev Label, she has developed fantastic connections that allows Shachi to develop strong pipelines of music that generate real results for her clients. We are honoured to have Shachi on the team. You can read more about Shachi in the Blue Pie Europe Team profile.

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