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Blue Pie are pleased to announce the arrival of Swedish Rock Gods "Silver Mountain"
11 Oct 2010


Blue Pie are pleased to announce the arrival of Swedish Rock Gods ” Silver Mountain ” to the label. The band have recently reformed for a number of European Tours and we are very excited to have such rock royalty on the label. Silver Mountain formed in 1978. They were heavily inspired by Rainbow and named the band after one of their songs. They released their debut album “Shakin.. Brains” in 1983, produced by Jan Hultén. In 1984 they recorded their second album “Universe” with assistance from studio keyboarder Erik Björn Nielsen, an album which became a minor success in the land of the rising sun. In 1985 Silver Mountain even got to tour in Japan with session keyboarder Mats Olausson. A live album was recorded during this tour. A solid round of demo’s were recorded with studio singers Sonny Larsson (ex-XT) and Knut Akselsen (Road).


The band then went on to recruit singer Johan Dahlström in 1988. By this stage the band ROCKKKED out on their album, more in the AOR vein, and was released to their adoring fans. The band decoded to have a break in 1989 after years of touring and millions of records being sold. A temporary resurrection of the band took place in the year 2000 with re-recordings of old leftover material that sparked a ton of world wide interest in the band. In 1999 / 2000 the bands catalogue was licensed to Reality Entertainment and their back catalogue was re-released in physical CD by Sony in 2002. In 2010 there was so much interest in the band and the fact that the band were so sick and tired of all the requests to reform that they finally have now reformed and are back now bigger than ever.


Check out the bands My Space page and get ready to ROCKKKKK. The Blue Pie License team have been very busy with this solid block of gold to work with. For all the latest news you can visit the bands website at

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