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Blue Pie celebrates the release of Eddies Brother's new album ‘Marinenville’
02 May 2012

‘Marinenville’ the new album by self-taught virtuoso guitarist and artist ‘Eddies Brother’, aka Chris French. The albums is a collection of 10 dynamic, self-pronounced, unusual songs, combined with the tempos and sentiments from that of a jazz-pop setting all blended into a musical cocktail shaker for your ears to enjoy.


Eddies Brother draws his inspiration from his interests in Sri Ramana Maharshi and experiences with having a dislocated childhood as a result of being the son of a wayward jazz violinist. It is through the combination of these elements that his work succeeds in being both acerbic and humorous, while retaining its elegance and timelessness. Some of his most successful tracks include titles such as ‘Daniel in the Green House,’ ‘The Problem with Girls’, ‘Robot Lover’ and ‘Where Do All the Gods Go?”

While Eddies Brother states that he’s “always been an outsider”, attention has still been drawn to his work from the acoustic scene, and with influences such as Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, The Smiths, The Stones and The Beatles, it’s hard not to understand why.


We are very excited about this new album as Eddie is one of the labels most requested and most licensed artists with numerous indie film placements and TV show background music placements we feel this album will set a new benchmark for Eddies career. Eddie has been with the label now for over 4 years and we look forward to his new music.

WE LOVE THIS ALBUM EDDIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Show your love and support and click here on iTunes to download what we believe is Eddie’s finest work to date. 

Check out the new album today at or myspace


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