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Blue Pie expands its label distribution roster with over 25 new labels !
05 Dec 2013

Blue Pie lands over 25 new labels to the roster for distribution and license services. It has been a very busy 2013. This year we have added new labels to our distribution and license footprint as well as managing the syndication and distribution of DJ Central TV show.

Some of the many great labels and new partners include: 

AyeLook Records + Vision Collective + UnCanny Inc + Rumion Records + Traxx Records (Chicago) + Planet Blue Pictures + Jazz and Blues Central TV + Fashion Central TV + DJ Central Records + Blue Zane Music + Self-Made Records + Miracle West Entertainment + Rezmanian Records + Guttaville Music + Mango Records + Subtle Entertainment + Dance Mag Entertainment + Rustin Records + Interglobe Music Group + Indie StandUp

If you would like to know more about how the Blue Pie distribution and license services can help your label to reach new markets and grow new revenues then please email

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