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Blue Pie + Full Entertain Music + Out Of The Box Records = One Powerhouse Independant Label.
30 Jul 2010


Blue Pie + Full Entertain Music + Out Of The Box Records = One Powerhouse Independent Label. We are very pleased to announce the merger and acquisition of Full Entertain Music and Out Of The Box Records. The agreement was brokered by Damien Reilly and Stephen Wrench with the help of the Blue Pie team and Blue Pie’s Chairman Mr Rob Hooper. The agreement will see Mr Stephen Wrench appointed effective from the 1st of July as the ” Global Head of A & R and New Content Acquisition for Blue Pie Records “. Mr Wrench will remain on as the CEO of Full Entertain Music and work with Blue Pie USA President Mr Jon Taber to move all of the administration of the labels to Blue Pie’s Sacramento office.
As Damien Reilly says
“We have been working with Full Entertain Music now for over a year. The label was a relationship that we had nurtured right from the start and through the introduction of Blue Pie’s digital systems and reporting tools as well as marketing and label infrastructure it just made good sense for us to have a much closer working relationship. Stephen Wrench is an industry veteran and has seen the ups and downs of the industry over the past few decades. With Blue Pie’s global network and systems at Stephens disposal now we can all look forward to solid growth in the coming years. Stephen and I are working on some of the biggest names in the industry coming over to Blue Pie and many new announcements will be made in the coming months with iconic acts being placed on Blue Pie Records and the new ” Electrik Blue Records “. The new label will house all our super star artists. We have been in dialogue with Stephen on the expansion of Blue Pie and Full Entertain for the past 6 months and a recent visit to Sydney made this all make sense.
Stephen will be working with all of Blue Pie’s new and emerging acts and help manage the integration of the existing catalogues into Blue Pie’s systems. The new direction has now provided Blue Pie with a depth of industry experience with a US Team that has more gold and platinum selling records than I think my entire family has had in hot dinners. The new production team will be headed up by Stephen Wrench and already we have a number of highly impressive acts either signed or in the process of joining the Blue Pie. I am truly excited for the future with this new agreement and acquisition and I know that this will be extremely successful beyond all projections simply due to the sheer number of super stars and proven hit making machines that are now attaching themselves to Blue Pie, Full Entertain Music, Out Of The Box Records, and Electrik Blue Records.
Stephens team will all be migrated into new roles within Blue Pie USA and will all retain their titles and roles in the existing labels. Blue Pie has just got a lot bigger and will only continue to grow now with a great friend and colleague now to drive the USA in Stephen Wrench and his award winning, hit making, music production team “. 
Formal press and media releases to follow. For more information on Full Entertain Music and Out Of The Box Records you can visit their website at
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