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Blue Pie gets some Entertainment Holidays in the USA and teams up with Holliday Entertainment
13 Oct 2010


We are very pleased to announce the arrival of Holliday Entertainment to the roster of labels and film houses that we now distribute. Holliday Entertainment was founded by Lawrence Holliday. Lawrence was raised in Hunter’s point community of San Francisco. He has an affinity to the community. From professional athlete, to entrepreneur, Lawrence has achieved personal and business success.

A graduate of Gonzaga University, Lawrence has over seventeen years experience in the film industry. His professional experience embodies a diversity of positions; director, producer, casting agent, actor, and personal assistant to actors Danny Glover and Mykiliti Willamson one the principal actors on the acclaimed NBC television show “Boomtown”. He has worked on over thirty independent film, music video and television projects including “Midnight Caller” and “The New WKRP in Cincinnati”. Lawrence has worked on feature films including the TNT production of “Buffalo Soldiers” and “Species II”. For three years, he was executive producer, director, and writer for “Sports Fan Rap” a local television sport show, which aired on cable channel 32. On the sports show, he interviewed famous professional athletes like Mark McGuire, Barry bonds, Venus Williams and Steve Young.

Lawrence Holliday, has over twenty years experience on inspiring youth to reach their potential. He has counselled, coached, and mentored. Since high school, he has volunteered for several elementary and high schools and nonprofits organization throughout San Francisco including the San Francisco Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, and San Francisco Parks and Recreation. For the past ten years, he has conducted youth basketball clinics throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and abroad the Philippines, China, and Canada.

For the past six years, he has collaborated with several non profit community based organizations in the San Francisco Hunters Point community including, Milton Myers, Joseph Lee Recreation Center and The Boys and Girls Club on film production training to youth ages 14 -21. He has worked with over 1,000 youth and improved the business operations of other local business communities within San Francisco.

One of Lawrence’s greatest personal achievements was head coach of Magic Johnson’s professional basketball team, the “Magic Johnson All Stars” for the 2001 season at the DADA SummerPro League in Southern California. Since 1999, he is the owner and head coach of the basketball team “San Mateo” in the San Francisco SummerProAm League who were the 2000 and 2006 league champions.

In 2001 Lawrence founded Holliday Foundation a 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation. The mission of Holliday Foundation is to provide youth an opportunity to enhance their quality of life by developing their social and employment skills. The objectives are to 1) train inner city youth, ages 14 to 21, in film and video productions and 2) Develop competitive and marketable employment skills for any career they wish to pursue.

Lawrence continues to work with the San Francisco summerProAm basketball league. Thru his team of experts including high school and college coaches, professional sports trainers and agents and his philosophy of tough love, Lawrence has helped several collegiate and high school basketball players get scholarships to division I colleges and play professional basketball.

He continues his involvement with the communities by working with small business thru out the San Francisco Bay Area. With new partnership and alliance with Blue Pie, Lawrence will be working with Damien Reilly and Stephen Wrench to expand Holliday Entertainments’ film productions and at the same time seek our and aggregate great film projects and productions for Blue Pie to provide the magical music sound track to from the Blue Pie catalogue.

We are very honoured to have Lawrence and Holliday Entertainment as part of the label and production family. We look forward to many long decades of success. For more information on Holliday Entertainment you can visit their website at

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