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Blue Pie gets the digital love from the world !
10 Feb 2011

Blue Pie gets the digital love from the world and pass the 3,500,000 download mark and growing rapidly. Congratulations to the entire label roster as the company now passes the 3.5M mark for downloads for the past 3 years.

December and January were record months again with Spotify generating over 250,000 downloads alone for the Blue Pie artist roster. A huge note of thanks goes out to the Blue Pie team in Australia and the USA that work non stop doing what they LOVE every day of their working week.

With an expanding global network and business development consultants now in 6 countries, Blue Pie is enjoying new found success with increase FILM + TV + CABLE license placements in the USA and UK markets.

If you would like to have your catalogue or music become part of the growing Blue Pie stable of artists and labels then please email

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