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Blue Pie gets the love from HBO
09 Feb 2011

The license team scored a major placement this month with HBO and the “Big Love” Series. A huge note of thanks goes out to Jon Taber for working with HBO to get this placement completed. It seems that HBO could not get enough of the Barking Classics song “Jingle Bells”. The Barking Classics audio series, covering the worlds most loved christmas songs, will put a smile on your face.

The series was produced by Halo Pictures and is distributed for the world by Blue Pie. You can check out Halo Pictures at their website here: and if you want to check out the “Big Love” series you can see all the latest news on the show here:

The episode featuring the Barking Classics track aired in the USA on January 30. The Episode is titled: ‘Certain Poor Shepherds’

If you have a catalogue or library of music or you are an artist seeking to land placements like this for your music then please email and find out how you and your music can land placements like this.
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