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Blue Pie gets the thanks from our favourite charity!
31 Aug 2011

Blue Pie gets the thanks from our favourite charity for creating a new ” destiny ” for some underprivileged children.

We have been very touched by the thank you letter from Mr David Small – CEO of Variety, the children’s charity. Blue Pie has been working with Dalifey on the Dealing With Destiny film and the films premiere at the ” Fox Entertainment Corridor ” at Moore Park was on Monday night. We had a packed house and if you have the time you can check out the photos on the films and Blue Pie’s FaceBook pages.

Thanks from all of the team to the hard working people at Variety and now we are on the count down to the auction of some of the best and most exciting memorabilia we have been able to secure from our friends in high places and the car “Betsy” from the film.

For all the latest news on the film you can visit the films website at  You can click here to read the letter from David to the team at Blue Pie and Dalifey Films.

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