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Blue Pie has a new Events and Promotions Manager
30 Apr 2010

Blue Pie has a new Events and Promotions Manager. We are very pleased to have Michelle La on the team. Michelle is a passionate go-getter with experience in music industry events and bookings. She joins the lovely Blue Pie team in the role of Artist Bookings, Events and Promotions. Michelle has a Diploma of Music Industry (Business) and a Cert IV of Music Industry (Technical Production). Armed with the understanding of both technical and business sides of the music industry, she brings her bubbly personality and positive can-do attitude to get the job done right. Michelle has the great ability to connect and communicate with people, and has much positive feedback from her years of work running events, music festivals, band management and artist bookings. She is also a musician, teacher and an avid live music attendee. With her creative ways of problem solving, organisational experience and her personable nature, she’s devoted to working with the amazing roster of Blue Pie musicians and bands.

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