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Blue Pie is now a member of NARIP
17 May 2010

Sydney – 17th May 2010 – Effective Immediately – Blue Pie is now a member of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals. Blue Pie is pleased to announce our membership of the National Association of Record Industry. We think this membership will be a real benefit to the Blue Pie team and hope it allows us to deepen our knowledge and learning on happenings in the music industry. We are also excited about the prospect of learning from some of the industry greats that share their knowledge through NARIP. NARIP is an organization that was formed in 1998, they focus on education, employment and nurturing communication and relationships between record executives. NARIP has offices around the world in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Houston and London. We are excited to have be a member of NARIP and look forward to the benefits this will provide to us going forward. For more information on NARIP please visit  WEBSITES: You can see the press release here:

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